The Cambridge Cellars story begins with our founders, Bruce and Kim Cunningham who named the brand for their home, their heart, on Cambridge Street during their early years in California. The corner of Cambridge and Sunset is the crossroads to a new beginning and a new entrepreneurial ambition, reminding them of their passion for great wine at a good price. The core of everything they do is rooted in family, home and hearth.

This passion manifests itself in two lines of wines: Cambridge and Cambridge & Sunset.

The Cambridge series’ emphasis is on exceptional vineyards from the Napa/Sonoma region, selecting premium small-lots from each vintage.

Cambridge & Sunset is named for the intersection of these two roads near the Cunningham home. The corner is the cross roads to a new beginning and a new entrepreneurial ambition. Cambridge & Sunset wines are varietal-focused selections at a great value, designed to exemplify California wines at everyday prices.